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The Wagner Law Group's
ARC Evaluation

Excerpt from The Opinion Letter

about Annuity Research & Consulting LLC

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"ARC's annual review process utilizes..."

"a) ongoing proprietary research of relevant Insurers and their annuity products for Plan clients, and...

b) individually tailored advisory services with Evaluation Procedures that include a comparative analysis of Insurers and annuities."

"These Evaluation Procedures reflect the required procedures under the Safe Harbor or the selection of an annuity provider, and the separate Annuity Prudence Assessment that is discussed in the legislative history for the SafeHarbor."

The Firm’s resulting annuity recommendations are based on the particular needs and objectives of the Plan in providing an annuity benefit for the Plan’s participants."


"The Firm is able to make un-conflicted and impartial annuity recommendations that arein the best interest of the Plan client since it does not accept commissions or other product-based compensation."

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