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​Q&A: What Are Lifetime Income Illustrations


Employees see lifetime income illustrations on their 401(k) statements may not realize it's an annuity calculation that uses "mortality pooling".

The Income Illustration's Origins

After years of deliberation and research, an annuity became the default "safe harbor" example; we discuss why some in the industry disagree with this decision.


​Nobel Laureate Economist Bill Sharpe on the Fixed Annuity's Role 
A trusted thought leader 's 2017 book weighs-in on annuities as prudent tools for part of a retirement income plan.
Customized allocations to meet individualized scenarios are optimal.

The advice industry's risk tolerance questionnaires are unreliable.

Bill Sharpe Quotes


We use short snippets of Dr. Sharpe's book as building blocks for key insights all retirees should consider. Don't worry - we leave off the math and translate industry jargon so everyone can grasp it. 

Our Case Study is a True Story

A retired couple who suffered through the terrifying 2008-2010 Global Financial Collapse learned the importance of matching their different expenses with different income sources.

Immediate Annuity Options to Consider​


This is a list of key questions for consumers to ask about annuities. ARC specializes in providing unbiased information for 401(k) plans.

We're not paid to distribute products, so you can trust this information isn't skewed by commission differences or annual profit margins.

​"Pension Wise": Why England Needed It 

The U.K. government created "Pension Wise" to provide unbiased guidance so consumers could understand their options better, before seeking advice from the financial industry. 

Different Immediate Annuity Platforms 


Shopping for Single Premium Immediate Annuities in the marketplace is easier today than ever before. Several companies are available to choose from. We provide links to some of them (but we neither endorse them nor do we benefit financially from doing so).

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