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It may be prudent to diversify between more than one company. 


Immediate Annuity "Platforms" make this easy for consumers to do.

See our discussion about different SPIA platforms in the Menu Tab.

Immediate Annuity Options to Consider

1. Inflation-Adjustment Choices?

(guaranteed annual increase options)?

2. Can Return of My Initial Investment Be Guaranteed?
(over what time period and if so what portion)?

3. Are Liquidity/Flexibility Options Available?
(sometimes called commutation, many SPIA issuers offer it)?

4. If Not Liquid, is Inheritance Available?
(what if I/We die early)?

5. Single Life Income Quote vs. Joint Life Income Quote?

(with and without the options I want)?

6. How Conservative is Management?

(is offshore reinsurance used)?

7. Minimum Investment Size?
(how easy is it to diversify between issuers)?

8. How Much is the Sales Commission?
(SPIAs don't charge annual fees)


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