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From Chapter 3 in Bill Sharpe's RISMAT:


"In the United States, at every age, males are more likely to die than females...." 

ARC comment:

Research suggests 30% of couples don't realize they will lose one of their
two Social Security checks when the first spouse dies.

Additional research suggests most couples over age 50 say remaining in their current home is a top goal for their retirement (called "aging in place").

When budgeting for lifetime expenses, such as food, shelter and health insurance, it's important to consider not all of those costs may decline
for one person.

Unlike food and health insurance, the shelter cost of aging in place does not decline for one person versus two (such as property taxes and HOA fees).


Our case study is a true story about stress that can come from not having shelter costs funded by a guaranteed lifetime income source with survivorship rights.

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