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Marcia Wagner

"I highly recommend ARC to anyone seeking expert research and consulting services.  Their knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to their clients make them an outstanding partner."
Marcia Wagner, CEO, The Wagner Law Group
The Wagner Law Group is one of the premier ERISA law firms in the U.S.
Don Trone
"Michelle and Mark are two of the brightest stars on the insurance stage. If you don’t know whether you’re a ‘verb’ or a ‘noun’ then you need Michelle and Mark."
- Don Trone, CEO, The Center for Board Certified Fiduciaries™️
Don was formerly the founder of fi360™️and is one of the co-founders of the Center for Board Certified Fiduciaries™️ (CBCF), which is affiliated with the Wake Forest University School of Professional Studies. CBCF is the only organization offering graduate-level training in the leadership and stewardship roles of fiduciaries.
Don Ezra
"I’ve worked with Michelle and Mark on a project, and enjoyed it immensely. They’re intelligent, knowledgeable, outspoken and, quite simply, nice. They will be leaders in a field that will benefit from their leadership: independent advice on creating retirement income."
- Don Ezra, retired; now an author on retirement, with a website, formerly co-chair of global consulting at Russell Investments.  
Tom Gober

"I prefer to align myself with thinkers and doers. While Michelle and Mark are brilliant, they’re also out there doing stuff…really important stuff that matters. Today, too few recognize that “fiduciary” means being proactive…assessing counterparty risk…digging deeper than ratings. If you want to be proactive where it really matters, especially when considering products from the ever-changing life & annuity landscape, ARC is a no-brainer. I respect them and I trust them." 
- Thomas D. Gober, CFE 
Tom is a Richmond, Virginia forensic accountant and innovator of an alternative rating system for measuring the ability of life/annuity companies to keep their promises even in market crises. They call it the transparency, surplus and riskier assets ratio, or “TSR” for short.

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