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Adding income features inside a plan is important to get right.
Our process is built for this.

It may be prudent for non-expert fiduciaries to engage a specialist firm like ARC for this investigation .


"Expert" annuity due diligence issues
often overlooked inc

* Should we trust issuer quality ratings?
* ARC Opinion: Not recommended

* How do guaranty association rules differ?
* ARC Opinion: Varies by state and by contract 

* How can monitoring be done properly?
* ARC Opinion: Proper peer group analysis

* Should we solve for accumulation, near retirement, or all three?
*ARC Opinion: Prudent for DC trustees to segment solutions into categories, be intentional, and document.



Our research checklist

includes 9 key factors

with over 21 different


We evaluate tradeoffs relative

to the proper benchmark

universe for each product


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