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Thought Leadership

Bill Sharpe, Nobel Laureate Economist

Bill Sharpe's ideas about risk and return became the basis for modern portfolio theory, led to index fund investing, and became the bedrock for most of today's investment best practices.


His ideas were first rejected by The Journal of Finance in 1961 as irrelevant; his paper was finally published after a change in editorial staff in 1964.

In 2017, he self-published a free e-book about retirement income solutions for individuals, called "Retirement Income Analysis".


It was written to help the financial services industry innovate new ways of managing the risk of running out of money.


It includes a chapter on Single Premium Fixed Annuities.

Here are some of the chapters, with short snippets of insights we will build upon:


(ARC Translation: How Long Will I Live?)


Personal States

(ARC Translation: How am I different?) 



ARC Translation: (What is purchasing power?)



ARC Translation: How happy will I be?


Fixed Annuities

ARC TranslationWhere can they fit?



ARC Translation: What should I watch out for?

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